Alright, you're at the club.

Lip Balm

You are dancing, doing your thing, and then you feel something underneath your foot. You bend over and pick it up. Aw YEAH - it's your lucky DAY: it is MAC lip balm, yes, the expensive kind that you like. Perfect timing too because your lips are feeling dry, why don't we put that sucker on, double layers stat.

As the night progresses and the clock strikes midnight, you find yourself sleepy. Where did Jessie and Kevin go? Might as well sit down here on the dance floor while you wait for us. Oh....those pretty little eyes of yours are getting so heavy... you always found ABBA dance remixes so therapeutic...

The next thing you know, a security guard is waking you up and kicking you out of the club for falling asleep on the dance floor. Why did you fall asleep on the dance floor in the middle of the club anyways, who does that?? Now you are stuck outside with a dead phone and no friends in sight. Alright then, like your life motto: when all else fails... e a t.

What are you in the mood for?

Roscoe with a pizza Roscoe at TGIF
Sir, I said I wanted extra pepperoni, extra cheese,
and a side of garlic butter sauce.
Did I make it in time for 1/2 price appetizers???