You got your crochet cropped tops and flower headbands ready?

Coachella 2007

Good news, bad news.
Good news: you got free access to Coachella.
Bad news: you will be working at a tent and you still have to finish your story for the other assignment. But to come out of the reunion of Rage Against the Machine wasted, sweaty, beaten up and bewildered? Worth it.

Worse news? You are thirsty as hell, especially with this 90something degree weather in the desert but you have to stay and work the tent.
Best news: you notice there is vodka, Red Bull, and two piles of brownies. You have no choice at this point - die of extreme thirst or make yourself a nice cup of vodka with a splash of Red Bull.

But now the question is, which brownie should you eat: freegan brownies (hmmm how can hippies from San Francisco afford to go to Coachella but can't afford ingredients?) or one with "Nutella". Which one are you going to go for?

Roscoe digging through dumpster to make freegan brownies Roscoe about to go downtown with these weed brownies
All these freegan brownies need is
some of Peter's purchased butter
These brownies taste familiar...