We don't always go to rap shows, but when we do...it's $6

Westside Eastside Rio

[ignore the fact that this wasn't taken at the actual Snoop concert...and we hardly rep eastside westside on a regular basis...]

It just so happens that you score tickets to Snoop Dogg/311 concert for only $6, granted they are lawn seats and the promoters are desperately trying to fill up the empty seats. Who are you to deny your inner gangsta self, let's get those lighters (in the end, we actually forgot them... amateurs) and cigarette papers ready for the most badass experience in the nosebleed section, YEEHAWWW!

You take the baddest bitch you know (me.....) and hit the road with your whip (your Jetta...). We park in the most inconspicuous corner and then trek to the lawn seats. Poor Snoopy, the amphitheatre is only two-thirds full - but it does mean we can sneak our way in to the seats! You sneaky B!

We bob our heads, "rap" along, throw our hands in the air, pretend we just don't care, hoot and holler, and before you know it, it's over and we're starving. WWSDE? (What Would Snoop Dogg Eat?)

Roscoe wants some Rickshaw hot garlic chicken wings Roscoe wants all American deep fried chicken
Rickshaw Chinese Food Deep Fried Chicken
always a winner